Journal der Wirtschaftsstrafrechtlichen Vereinigung e.V.


The ‘WisteV Journal (WiJ)’ is a Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. (WisteV) publication exclusively available online and initially appearing quarterly.

WiJ is dedicated to the whole of the law on tax offences, white collar crime and associated summary offences, including procedural and regulatory aspects, and exists to promote academic discussion with particular reference to – both international and inter-disciplinary – issues of substantive and procedural law of relevance in practice, especially matters concerning the hot topics of Compliance, Fraud & Investigations.

Articles and brief contributions published relate to both procedural and substantive issues in the law on white collar crime and tax offences, compliance, other complementary areas or ancillary academic matters of relevance in practice, together with articles providing an introduction or training in such areas and decision-making consultations, event reports and book reviews. As a result of increasing internationalisation in business law and the law on white collar crime in general WiJ will also publish national reports on the law on white collar crime (in its widest sense) in jurisdictions of relevance in practice, including the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Austria, in particular.

WiJ – like WisteV – combines both an academic approach and exchange of views with a special orientation towards the needs of people both in the judiciary and in private practice. The journal therefore appeals to anyone interested in the law on white collar crime and its links to other areas of activity and the law. These include, in particular, lawyers, people working for companies in the compliance and legal sectors, consultants on fraud and forensic services, academics and students, as well as staff in the judicial and administration services. WiJ therefore focuses on inter-disciplinary and inter-perspective communication.

WiJ also takes advantage of online publication: issues can be downloaded worldwide free of charge, with topical subjects also being promptly handled. Convenient printing and problem-free citation is ensured using pdf files (e.g. Rübenstahl WiJ 2012, 123).

The periodical is published by WisteV. The editor of WiJ is Prof. Dr. Dennis Bock, professor of German and International Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law, particularly the law on white collar crime, at Kiel University’s Faculty of Law. The persons in charge on WisteV’s Board of Management are Dr. Markus Rübenstahl and Ms Hannah Milena Piel (both lawyers) who, together with Prof. Dr. Bock and Dr. André-M. Szesny (lawyer), form WiJ’s editorial team (Contact: WiJ’s permanent colleagues consist of Dr. Henner Apfel, senior public prosecutor Folker Bittmann, Dr. Matthias Brockhaus, Dr. Matthias Dann, Kathrin Ehrbar (Master of Laws), Friedrich Frank, Dr. Tine Golombek, Antje Klötzer-Assion, Dr. Patrick Teubner and Dr. Christian Wagemann.